Simple Garage Space Saving and Storage Ideas

Nelson Mandela once said that it is only after climbing a high hill that one finds that there are many more hills to climb. This observation is true especially in the perspective of a garage.

Someone realizes how challenging it is to organize a garage after putting it in place and purchasing the required tools. A well-organized garage reflects the taste and prestige of the owner.

It is always the desire of the garage owners to have their garages well organized. Additionally, space saving in the garage is always essential since space is often limited.

However, there are simple methods that can help organize the garage and redeem storage space.

These methods are simple in that it is easy to understand them and apply them practically in the garage organization. These methods are discussed below.

Remedies to Increasing Storage Space

Mechanic tools hanging on a organized board on a vehicle reparation workshop

Magnetic tool holder

Using a magnetic tool holder is the first remedy to organize the tools in the garage. This tool holder also helps to save the storage space.  Furthermore, this tool holder has a powerful magnet that can hold not only the tools but also other metal objects. The tool holder saves a tool operator time wastage in looking for the instruments in the drawer. The tools are at arms reach thus there is no need to dig through drawers to find the tools.

Magnetic tool holder

Tin can wall storage

The other useful yet simple remedy is a tin can wall storage. Nesting jar set can be used to organize the screwdrivers, nails, bolts and other small pieces. These jars help save storage space too. The jar lids can be screwed to the bottom of the garage shelves to ensure they are always in place.

Additionally, screwing the jar lids in the lower part of the shelves saves the counter space for other storages. Therefore, the jars help organize the small tools and equipment that may not get lost if not stored properly.

Lattice rack

A lattice rack is another vital remedy. Although this rack can have different applications, it can be modified to accomplish some great storage tasks in a garage.

The mesh racks can be fixed on the garage walls to help organize and store leftover metal pieces of pipes. The rack helps save the working space too. Additionally, it helps minimize accidents that occur as a result of the poor organization of leftover metal trims and pieces.

Furthermore, organizing the unwanted metals on the racks above the ground makes cleaning of the garage easier.

Suspended shelves

These shelves can also help organize the garage and save the storage space. Regardless of the size of the garage, increasing the storage space is paramount.

Utilization of the air space is a good strategy for increasing the area below. Suspended shelves help utilize this air space by increasing the storage space above.

Not forgetting this!

Peg-board slides and hooks

Peg-board slides and hooks are also useful in organizing a garage. These are garage tools that help in hanging of tools. The peg boards slides and hooks store tools vertically thus increase the wall space. The advantage of the vertical storage is that it minimizes defects in some devices that may result from poor storage.

Upright tool storage may also be used to hold the massive instruments. The holder connects large tools and pieces of pipes this saves the storage space.

Peg-board slides and hooks

Storage corrals

Storage corrals can also be used to organize tools in the garage. The storage hold can be wooden of metallic. The choice depends on the capital and preference of the user. For the perfect organization, the storage corral can be separated into different compartments. Storage corral saves storage space. It also looks appealing and more secure compared to hanging tools on the walls.

What about a ladder?

The ladder can also be used as a storage tool especially if it is not used on daily basis. Two identical ceiling brackets are required to use this storage.

Each ceiling bracket fixed opposite to the other. The ceiling brackets are used to hold the ladder so as to keep it in position. Once the ladder has rested on the two identical brackets, it can be utilized as a storage equipment to organize different tools.

This one is a simple and easier approach to creating storage space. The ladders can also be used elsewhere in other activities. Additionally, this method also helps store the ladder as well thus help increase storage space not only for the ladder but also for the other tools.

From the discussion above, it is evident that garage owners can use straightforward and available equipment to increase storage area in the garage. Therefore, storage space should not be a significant worry, but the challenge is how creativity can come in to assist in the organization.


To conclude, it is essential to organize our garage workplace. Organizing the garage helps increase the storage space.  Having the garage alone is not enough. It is paramount to climb an extra hill of organizing the storage space in the garage.

A good garage organization makes work easier. Additionally, it makes tool identification easier. On top of the mentioned benefits, it also minimizes accidents when working in the garage. Furthermore, it creates a positive impression on the clients and friends who visit the garage.

Indeed, the outward garage or workspace appearance is just but a reflection of the inward attributes of the garage owner. Therefore it is good to organize the garage well.