Best Way to Clean Your Home Garage Floor

Garage floors put up with lots of abuse! Chemicals, paint, car fluids all wind up on the garage floor. Having a spotless clean garage floor makes the whole garage feel more organized and more like a part of the house.

Property owners often struggle with getting those tough stains out and go through a litany of remedies to deal with the stains. Car oil, grease, paint and other products are some of the toughest stains to remove off of any surface. Cement garage floors are the toughest!

In some cases the steps taken to remove the stains actually just makes the stains worse and spreads them out. You wind up with a much larger mess to deal with. Metal brushes, soaps and solvents just don’t seem to work.  It seems like the harder you scrub, the worse the stains become!  There are some solutions that can help you to get your garage floor sparkling clean!


What is the best way to clean a garage floor?


Oil and grease stains on the garage floor actually do not just make the floor look bad. But also, they can cause stains on shoes and can even cause slips and falls. Many people have been trying to use the solvent-based remedies which have proved to be harmful to the environment and hence can damage the concrete surface as well.

Car litters, saw dust and the absorbent materials can soak up standing oil but unfortunately, they do nothing about the oily stains.

Looking at the commercial and household detergents, these materials require a lot of scrubbing and hence they can leave behind some residue or even discolor the concrete floors.

The best ways to clean the garage floor, therefore, incorporate other simple and sophisticated skills.

Have a look the illustrated ones in this article.

Scrub the garage floor clean

To achieve the best success, the first thing that should be done is to remove everything from the floor that is somehow not attached down and then sweep the dirt and debris away. Those who are not willing to do this end up damaging their floor with water.

For doing the sweeping, the bets tools to include the deck brush and the garden horse which has the high-pressure horse. Also, for the degreasing activities, the individual can involve the concrete degrease.

The individual after sweeping should go ahead and mix the cleaning agent with hot water before starting to use the degreaser. The warm soapy solution already mixed is then applied to the floor in sections that should be divided at first. If the floor was so dirty, then it is expedient to set the solution on the floor and then leave it for few minutes before scrubbing.

The most important issue when applying this method is to make sure that the solution being used in scrubbing does not start to dry up – this means the rinsing should be done right away the scrubbing is complete. The rinsing should be done with the high-pressure nozzle – here is where it works best again apart from removing the dust.

Push brooms make a poor scrub brush. This is because it has bristles that are very long and their surface area is large hence they cannot apply good pressure when scrubbing. Therefore, the best brush is the deck brush with short bristles.

What about cleaning the oil stains and some hard grease stains?

When a heavy cleaning is done, the cleaner can tackle the oil and grease stains that had not been completely removed during the previous scrubbing.

This is now simple.

First, the cleaner should wet the stain and the surrounding area before applying the degreaser again to the spot fully in strength. This region should be first wetted so as to prevent the contaminants in the stain from spreading to other dry areas. Then the degreaser is scrubbed and then let for a while. Lastly, the degreaser is applied, floor scrubbed and then rinsed using the high-pressure nozzle.

In case this method still proves to be leaving few stains in place, then the individual to go on with the other method described here below.

Cleaning concept

How to remove rust stains from concrete garage floor

There are ways in which garage floor rust stains can be dealt with. For very small spots, the individual just has to apply lemon or white sugar. The white sugar more so is preferred in cases that the spots are large. The lemon is squeezed over the stain then let for five to ten minutes before some lemon juice is added and then scrubbing is done thoroughly. Rinsing is done and the process can be repeated only if necessary.

Again, Oxalic acid can be used. This is a product that can be purchased from the local shop centers or hardware stores. Just like the lemon, oxalic acid is applied on the spot with the stain, then left for five to ten minutes before scrubbing and rinsing are done.

Another commercial way is the use of the concrete rust remover

For some tough rust stains, a mild solution of an acid called muriatic acid can be used to perform wonders. However, the individual has to be so much careful when using this chemical – it is never friendly when not measured accurately.

For the acids, they should be pour into the water but not the reverse, since the reverse would automatically lead to an explosion of a gas that can splash into the face – blindness might loom if carefulness neglected.

Some finals tips for cleaning the floor

One good tool that should be considered again in cleaning the garage floor is the squeegee. This tool proves great when it comes to moving large volumes of water out of the garage or clearing the water out of the low spots. In cases that the individual cannot afford squeegee, the push broom can work.

Another thing an individual should not while cleaning is that: when planning to use an acid, a preparation for painting or coating should be made. This is because acid works towards breaking down the surface of the concrete floors hence exposing the pores. In some instances, the acid will not clean the dirt nor remove the oil.


When a mechanic or any garage floor cleaner is planning to grind the garage floor, some oil stains must be treated. Some surface contaminants like dirt and most rust stains will be cleaned up through grinding.

When all the described methods of cleaning a garage floor are followed accurately and directly, then they will prove to be highly effective. Though people tend to be lazy with cleaning the garage floor this extensively, but when done, it will be greater rewards as the floor will be free from dirt and stains.