Best Portable Air Compressors for Cars – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Your tires are one of the most important parts cars.  When a tire goes flat it is usually at one of the worst times. Making sure that your tires are always inflated properly can help to avoid side of the road mishaps that can be very stressful and upsetting.

Air compressors for cars offer the type of support that you need no matter where you are to ensure that you can make it home safely.  A portable compressor can be great in the garage or on the roadside.  Of course, there is a trade-off. When you choose a portable tire compressor, you do not get the same type of durability that you get with a full-sized compressor but if you have ever found yourself with a flat tire you know how valuable a portable compressor can be.

Look at the options below to get a better idea of which model will best meet your needs!

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Considerations prior to purchase

When buying or contemplating to purchase an air compressor, there are considerations that have to be given priorities. It is much harder to make a prompt decision of buying the product without first considering the laid characteristics. Therefore for the potential buyers, here are the considerations for next time purchase:

Motor, power and the tank capacity

The gas-powered compressors are ever available. It is only that these products should be purchased for the outdoor usage. The electric compressors become the best choice, though they all have a different motor and the tank capacity.

In terms of the performance

The products output is not just about the pounds per square being produced or generated. But rather, the cubit per minute is another important consideration, hence to navigate through this decision, an individual should think of the performance rate of the products. The rate is defined both by the area size and the time duration taken during the functionality.

Features it is clear that the products come with all categories of fittings and even inflators. However, there are others that are very basic and fundamental. Therefore, a consideration of the features proves prudent and expedient for the buyer before making the purchase.

Price actually, every buyer would wish to go for affordable compressors – though affordability, in this case, is relation based on everyone’s financial standards and pocket sizes. Generally, the tires compressors that are worth functional and are pocket-friendly would tend to attract many buyers as compared to the expensive ones.

Therefore, the price is a basic requirement to consider – how much is the compressor?

And how is the functionality?

A good compressor, therefore, is not necessarily the one that forces air compellingly, but the benefits can even go domestic. Hence, these products play an important role regarding the position of their works. But when it comes to car tires, then the best compressors would be the portable ones. They can be carried along very easily and hence this makes them be among the handiest resources all the time. The concern for many car owners still remain unanswered: which is the best air compressor for the car tires?

Considering few ones which are best air compressors in the market, it would be much easier to analyze and conclude on the most preferred inflator for the cars.

Our TOP 5 best air compressors and reviews


Though this compressor proves to be the top-leading in terms of performance, it remains to be the most expensive in the market so far. Taking price to be just a factor and also relative, it should not be considered as the standard benchmark to buy this product.

VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor


  • It can work smoothly for inflating tires, hence it is famous.
  • It saves time. This means that it can inflate car tires very quickly hence, the product becomes time-efficient for the individuals who always value time while working.
  • Interesting and beneficially, this compressor can provide inflation facilities to tires with higher inches, for instance, 31-inch car tires.
  • The compressor works with little noise and gives great feedback to its functionality as well.
  • Being designed with a built-in LED workspace light, the Viair 85P has additional properties and advantages as compared to other products in the same category.


  • When using the compressor, the user has to be careful with the car fuse. It has high ampere draw of 14.5, hence it might blow out the car fuse unexpectedly. Before the user decides to purchase this compressor, it is advisable that the car’s power port rating is checked for maximum amperage.
  • It is expensive generally to many car owners.

With Viair 85P, the buyer will not be disappointed or regret the purchase. Its features prove expedient for the individuals who can afford the price. Hence more benefits would be felt upon the start of its usage.


This compressor falls in the same factory as the Viair 85P. This unit is one of the most prominent products based on its flexibility and compact air system. Hence, it is best to be used in filling the car tires, in addition to other uses.

VIAIR 90P Portable Compressor


  • Like the sister-product, this compressor can inflate up to tires of 31 inches. Interestingly, it only takes three minutes or less to inflate a tire. To some cases, the product can inflate tires of 33 inches with much ease. Having plans to use it for tires of bigger sizes? Then the individual has no option but now to venture on other bigger models.
  • The product rarely runs out of air gears.
  • It has no harm on the car, unlike the Viair 85P. This is because it is straightforwardly interfaced to the battery terminal of the vehicle. Hence, the compressor is infamous for blowing the breakers.
  • Its cost is low and affordable.


  • Though the product is powerful and can inflate tires of higher inches, it cannot inflate continuously. Rather, after little work, the machine has to calm down, for approximately eight to ten minutes before being ventured on the next task.
  • It has many same features as the sister-compressor; hence many people would still prefer the renowned Viair 85P.

Though having some negatives, still Viair 90P has an attraction to many holders. It is clear that the compressor has many remarkable bunches of greater units. Hence, it does the occupation well as expected. For instance, the product pumps out air very rapidly, and its strength is recommendable since many of its parts are made of metal.

Viair 90P may not still be the best compressor for expansion of car tires. But when the car holder is searching for a light and small compressor to be kept in the car trunk, then this product proves to excellent for purchase. Hence, it offers fulfillment that many clients in the market expect from many quality compressors.

Kensun Air compressor

Kensun also proves to be the best air compressor for car tires. Every user can fulfill the demand for this highly portable device. As compared to others, Kensun has some unique characteristics, making it be also preferred in the market. It has a long wire of about 3 meters and an extension of 4 meters. Again, the inflation adaptor nozzle is also inclusive.

Why is the Kensun Air Compressor one of the best air compressors?

First, it has dual power inlets, which are accompanied by two diverse cables. Hence it can be either used at home or when journeying. Hence, for all the emergency situations, this feature makes the compressor ideal for various usages, inflating car tires inclusive. Second, the pressure gauge of this machine is of highly quality. The digits of the gauge are highly and clearly readable with no struggle.

Kensun YS-205 Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator


  • This compressor is simple amazingly and quiet while is use – low noise.
  • Its actual on/off change is excellent and with no doubt, it is switched in any case air stress should be fulfilled in the tires.
  • The device is small, lightweight and can easily be fixed in a bag with everything safely kept. This is nice!
  • It is also easy to use with limited complications to the first user. Its simplicity has captured many users to prefer it to other devices within the same category.
  • Very portable and takes little space
  • It comes with various adapters hence the car compressor can be multi-purpose
  • The hose is also included
  • Cost-wise, Kensun is pocket-friendly and the user has not to dig deeply into the pockets to acquire one for him/her.


  • It is hard to protect the device, more so regarding secure portability and storage.
  • It should not be stored or operated in areas with ambient heat which exceeds eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit values. This limitation has made it difficult and almost impossible to transport it as one travels to different places.
  • The device is very light; hence, it inflates the tires slowly when compared to other compressors – it takes 13 minutes to inflate a wheel though this duration is still enough to inflate tires.
  • It is unsuitable for air tools
  • Its hose could be not too long for large wheels

This device is an amazing air compressor and the customer’s views prove and rate it to be unquestionably trustworthy. Therefore, an individual can consider the purchase without any hesitation. The compressor works best if it is strictly used for the recommended runtime.

The porter-cable CM15

This is a single-tank and oil-less compressor. For additional tasks, it comes with an accessory kit. Hence, it makes to be part of the list as one of the preferred air inflators in the market so far.

PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor


  • Has a drain valve to handle the issues of condensation when using the pump.
  • Its motor is equipped with thermal overload protector for security and protection. Therefore when the tank pressure drops below the standard measure (120PSIG), then a pressure switch works to start the motor automatically.
  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Has a rubber sheet which absorbs vibration from the motor
  • Its design is interesting and purposeful. It is fully enclosed so as to provide much protection.


  • Its quality of the hose and the fittings do not meet the required standards of other best compressors, more so when at work.
  • It takes long to fill the tire as well because of its lightweight property.
  • It is not good and appropriate for air tools.

When it comes to inflating and pumping tires, PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 would do it well. Therefore, in case the user needs a small and portable compressor for tire filling and even any other light duties, then he or she can be pleased with this enshrouded product. It is actually all about quality and performance.

LifeLine AAA 300PSI

This is the most affordable and small air compressor for many users. It weighs about 2.19 lbs. and can work to inflate pressure up to 300 PSI. Interestingly and beneficially, this machine is equipped with pressure checking gauge to help in checking the tire pressure.

LifeLine AAA 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor


  • It is small and so light for any portability purpose
  • Has an excellent pressure gauge which is positioned visibly.
  • It comes with additional three inflations nozzles
  • It is made in a portable design and protective design
  • It is completely flawless, just like any other air compressor
  • it is not so loud – quiet with vibration
  • inflates the tires in the least minutes possible – two to three minutes


  • The pressure gauge is not clear
  • The pressure dial is sometimes not accurate
  • Takes time to fill large capacity tires
  • It does not cut off even upon reaching satisfaction of filling the tire

LifeLine AAA 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor can really satisfy the user by its cost. As long as the individual keeps in mind that this is not a heavy duty air compressor, he or she would be pleased to incorporate it. Still, this product hits the best seller rank as among the various top leading compressors in the market.


As described, air compressors for car tires are of various models and brands. The top leading model’s products possess major part when it comes to sustaining the steadiness and pace of a car. This is because they adequately and highly fill the actual and needed compressed air within the car tires. Hence, the user does not have to rush anywhere; be it a garage or a gas station; looking for help while the available equipment is available in the car boot.

These compressors stand to be of benefit with regards to the domestic users. Therefore, they cater an enormous place in the market.

When it comes to determining the best one to acquire, the user should consider all the laid characteristics and then go for the best among the top five listed.

It is high time to grab the best air compressor for the car tires.