Best Hybrid Table Saw & TOP 5 Hybrid Table Saw Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Table saws are a must have for any serious DIYer. Frankly, table saws are some of the most reliable tools around, in the past, there have existed only two types of table saws which have proved to have complications. These are the contractor saws and the cabinet saws. These saws have a big motor, very heavy to transport though they were very powerful.

In the recent times, the manufacturers have amped up the table saw by formulating another admirable response to demands – the hybrid saws.

Best Choice

Shop Fox W1837 10″ Table Saw

Shop Fox W1837 10


Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

Most Popular

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

The hybrid table saws are an entirely new category. They capture some features of the cabinet saws but they are lighter and equipped with motors that are of standards voltage. Hence, these table saws tend to represent a wave of future for many home shops. Being not in the same class with the larger cousins – the contractors and cabinets, these saws are durable and offer various advantages for the hobbyists.

table saw blade

Hybrid saws and the cousins – difference?

The other difference that comes with these modern machines is that: they have a smaller motor which is advanced for better gearing and style, hence bringing finer cuts. The motor is mounted inside the saws. They also affordable in terms of lesser maintenance and in their downtime.

To disapprove more doubts, the saws have improved the caliber of work as compared to the previous ones. Therefore, the saws have many benefits to the individuals. However, there is still a concern which tends to bring some questions: which ones are the best? There must be a good brand among the many upcoming ones.

What must be considered when buying hybrid table saws?

The specs that a hobbyist should consider to go for should be defined and specific. First, the dust control. Many hybrid saws are accompanied with sawdust extraction system which is solid but it is still advisable to check the specs.  Second, the riving knife – many people will agree that riving knife in table saws is one of the safety features to consider in these machines. Though this feature is considered to be standard in many saws, the buyer should and must ensure that driving arch has the same arch shape when compared to the blade. Thirdly, the cam lock – this portion also contains the pinion fence. Although many hybrids come with a good fence, it is still expedient to check if the fence is of good quality.

Another spec is the belt driven system – the belts should be of descent and god quality and a good running a quality belt system. Lastly is the amperage. This feature should run on residential power and this should be checked prior to the purchase.

Apart from the features, there are some purposes that a buyer should as well consider before handing off cash for the purchase. For instance, the speed of the arbor – for the individuals ever involved in huge tasks of cuts, then the higher saw is the best. In terms of safety features and blade guards, the options of quick release serve best. With these considerations, it is easier and understandable to choose the best hybrid table saw among the models and brands within the market.

The best hybrid saws on the market recently

Based on various factors, there are several modern saws that have taken larger portions in the market. Their occupation in the current market sector is determined according to the purchase, cost, efficiency, and reliability. Some of the considered saws include:


Shop Fox W1837

The Shop Fox has an extension table – a feature which it is ever identified with in case the interested person never recognizes it. Its ranks to be one of the top saws on the current market because of its great features.


  • It provides adequate strength, just as it is needed by the hobbyists. Even when the hardest woods are placed to be cut, the saw would easily work on them with little force.
  • Its metal hand wheels which are placed on both the sides and the font would make it ever easier for movement along the saw blade.
  • The saw’s blade is made in a good design that makes it much easier for popping out and switching between the blades.
  • The Shop Fox comes with an extension table – this makes it to actually be able to extend the table length. Hence, the table gets more control when at work with large pieces of wood.

Considering the disadvantage of this first class saw

  • It is heavy when compared to other saws within the same category. Hence, when it comes to transportation, this saw becomes hectic and costly.
  • It can only be recommendable to use it in places where there is limited or no movement. In case there is movement from place to place, the Shop Fox is not the best saw for the hobbyist.

Generally, the Shop Fox provides good quality of customer service which are recommended. When used for longer time, the blade should be replaced with another standard one. This activity is simple to perform because the saw’s blade is simple to remove and even to replace.

However, when it is replaced many times, then the usability of the machines is reduced and it will not really offer the user any quality performance. Price-wise, this machine is pocket-friendly and affordable to every interested purchaser. Therefore, the buyer has all the descriptions to consider.

Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw

The Grizzly saw is affordable in the market. Being new, this hybrid machine is becoming popular. Just to mention this, the saw has a riving knife which is 10 inches long.


  • The Grizzly, as it is called, is more lightweight than many hybrid category saws. Hence in terms of transportation, this saw is not a burden but rather, it gives the user freedom to carry it to the work area.
  • It has a removable riving knife. The knife has a blade guard to protect the user’s hands.
  • The saw has a T-shaped fence and a well-maintained
  • The adjustable knobs make the machine more interesting. With the dust port and the fence system, the knobs work towards gliding the materials across the top with a complete ease of performance.


  • Due to its smaller weight, the Grizzly does not have adequate strength to cut big pieces of woods when compared to the Fox W1824.
  • With the removable knife, there are high possibilities of the saw being not durable. The reason is that: when the riving knife – the most important component of the machine, is replaced many times, the object loses or reduces its

Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw blade

For any hobbyists who wants to consider a quick move from the contractor saw to this next level saw. In its accuracy and stability, the machine provides a quality cut as required by the timber or woodworker. The G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw makes it in the list of the best saws as well.

Shop Fox W1837

This is another brand of the Shop Fox Company. It has maintained 10-inch open stand table, hence its full name – Shop Fox 10” 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw. This saw would make the user feel like he or she is in a woodworking studio. The reason is that it has improved properties hence making it essential for anyone who can afford it.

Shop Fox W1837 Hybrid Table Saw


  • It has large trunnions beneath its tabletop. The trunnions support the top of the materials which are placed on the saw.
  • The machine’s powder is coated in the cabinet for additional permanency and durability.
  • It has two-horse engine hence this allows it to cut through any type of wood placed on it – the saw proves strong and reliable in this case.
  • What about the clear shield? It is placed over the riving saw for increased functionality.

Considering the limitations

  • This saw is expensive. The user has to be prepared financially to acquire it. Therefore, it is beneficial and serves reliably but its costs are much higher as compared to other hybrid table saws.

The Shop Fox W1837 gives additional properties and hence it remains among the best and reliable saw in the modern market. The challenge is only felt in its price. However, in some cases, there are people who can comfortably buy it – it is fine and advisable in this scenario.

Bosch 4100-09 Hybrid Saw

The Bosch hybrid table saw has a slight difference from the other three considered products already mentioned. Its motor works and cutting speed is slower. Otherwise, in the remaining properties, the Bosch proves expedient.

Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand


  • It has high-performance output of its own and incomparable.
  • There improved functionality because of the improved gap between the product and the
  • It is relatively pocket-friendly and the potential user does not have to dig down into the pockets so as to acquire it.


  • Compared to other saws of the same category, it has a fractional low speed
  • Its cutting-depth is slightly less than the other competitors on the market.

It would be much unreasonable to expect a distinction in the performance and output of this product and other products.

Woodtek 159665

This is the Woodtek Machinery table saw – another unique product within the same category. Just for more highlights to impress the user:

Woodtek 159665


  • This product does not go with the boring powder coating, but rather it is coated with funky paint colors which are green and yellow. This is interesting!
  • Also, the manufacturer adds the gliding caster wheels with the legs for easy movement of the saw around the shop or any other determined work area, without any help – and it is easier without any help!
  • More benefits? It has a stable base that is usually needed when cutting any piece of wood. Unlike other saws that tend to have a partial basis, this product has complete base hence it the base keeps all sawdust and debris produced, locked until a final cleanup is done. Health wise, the benefit if great!
  • Lastly, the Woodtek has a clear guard over its blade so as to keep track of the blade and the user’s fingers.


When the benefits are so good, then there must be limitations.

  • The cost of the product is not favorable but rather relative.
  • The color is specific and to the customers who do not admire the color, might have no option but to still choose it.
  • In case the trunnions break down, then repairing them might be tricky.


So, which hybrid can take the lead advisably?

After considering the best and top models of the hybrid table saws, many people may still wonder which one is the best . The top and best hybrid saw currently in the market are the Shop Fox W1824. Despite the price which is affordable, this product is strong for any professional use. Additionally, it comes with its safety measures and adequate convenience with a little experience needed.

The additional features just to consider in this product

  • Its coat is white – pure color of peace! Its cabinet is coated white and the cabinet is also iron-designed.
  • The iron trunnions are placed around the edges of the product’s table.
  • The producer additionally to have a large table saw so as to measure the larger wood pieces. Hence, the saw can be recommended to be used for larger projects and serious ones.
  • The wonderful features that make this saw more likely than the remaining saws are its hand wheels which are easily turning. Second includes the quick release blade.

The hybrid saw concept is a great one, and more so, in the recent years, the selection for the best one could be difficult and constitutes a research challenge. Advisable among the described ones, an individual when sold on the idea just needs a little help in making the decision, then this is the way to consider: the comparison of the design, including the power, operating smoothness, the collect-ability, the fence system, the guard system and other general use-abilities – should be considered seriously.

Therefore, a hybrid table saw gives all the functionality of other cousin saws, but without taking the user to a garage for consistent repair. Hence, this is a serious saw for the serious hobbyists because it will ever do anything needed. It is time for the potential contractors to consider the modern saws for:

  • Better performance
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Best time usage
  • Avoidance of unnecessary repair costs
  • Durability