Best Floor Jacks & Reviews – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Simple car actions and repair can just be done by the owner and absolutely not everyone would wish to take the car to service for such minor problems.

Floor jacks prove to be essential when it comes to changing the tires and any other simple action. By definition, a floor jack, or simply called car jack, garage jack or auto jack is a mechanical tool/device which is designed to provide to the user some mechanical advantages in lifting heavy loads.

Though they might be having various uses, most of them are known to lifting trucks and automobiles.

car repair in garage

These devices are specifically needed when lifting the car to have access to the oil pan during an oil change. Also, they prove essential when removing wheels during tire rotation. Other minor actions may include: changing the brake pads and the rotors, exhaust work, transmission work and the suspension work. A good instance is when mounting engine replacement procedure.

Therefore, it is expedient for the user to be familiarized with the floor jack types in the market, even before exploring the best one. The major types include:

Hydraulic floor jack

This is the most commonly recognized device, because of its convenience. Physically it is ever recognized by its four wheels on the bottom of the trolley. Within, the hydraulic cylinder performs the lifting as force is applied to the handle. This machine has maximum heights which allow the car to be lifted higher off the ground as compared to other jacks.

Its wheels ever keep it properly positioned below the car. However, this jack is costly, heavy and sizable hence it is less portable.

Scissor jacks

This is usually provided with most automobiles upon assembling.  They are known for easy portability. However, their height is inconveniencing and they can only lift vehicles enough off the ground for changing the tire.

Bottle jacks

This jack is hydraulically operated. They tend to be advantageous when being used in limited space or uneven surfaces since they have a small footprint. However, they are very high, hence cannot be comfortably used on lowered cars and even sports cars. Therefore, many of their uses involve lifting trucks. Notably, these jacks generate the highest lifting capacity value when compared to the others.

Do floor jacks have a safety?

When using these devices, the user should also consider personal safety. A little common sense can go along but there are some safety facts that may never be obvious.

1. First, the user should never trust floor jacks to support the car by themselves, but jack stands should be used. For instance, hydraulic jacks will fail over a given time because the hydraulic components wear. It is unfortunate that the fail is ever innocuous but instead slowly lets the car down.

2. Second, the car should ever be raised on a leveled ground. It is never a good idea to raise the car on a terrain because it creates a tipping hazard. Let the users be careful.

3. Third, the care should be raised and lowered slowly. This allows the individual to be able to identify the problem. Hence when using the jacks, it is expedient to use the slow and controlled movements.

4. Fourth, only appropriate jacking points should be used. This can’t be stressed extraordinarily. The car has specific points when the frame is reinforced towards supporting the car load when being raised with the jack.

Consideration prior to purchase

Having considered the jack types and the safety, the user is now highlighted to jacks; to purchase them and also to use it appropriately. Moving on, there are several considerations to look when shopping around for these devices.

Even though the intended us is ever important, there are also other aspects that need to be given attention so that the individual makes sure he or she makes a wise and prudent purchase.

The type of vehicle should be considered

The car in which the jack would be used on plays an important role in aiding in choosing which jack to pay for. In cases of lowered cars, hydraulic jacks should be preferred. High vehicles like trucks, then the bottle jack serves the best. In times that an individual just wants to toss a jack for emergencies, then scissors becomes useful.

The weight of the car should be considered

Always measured in tons, the potential user must make sure that the maximum capacity the floor jacks would support exceeds the weight to be lifted.


Most jacks are made of steel, aluminum, and combination of the two. Steel is good in strength but is heavy and less portable. Aluminum is preferred for most cars so long a premium is ever paid. So the individual should weigh the characteristics and chose the model.

Lift speed

This speed is measured by considering the number of pumps it can take to reach the maximum lifting height. Many floor jacks require 12 to 18 strokes so as to achieve full height. Some are advertised to be requiring between 5 to 6 strokes. Therefore, the user should go for the best, in terms of pumps and amount of effort used.

Best floor jacks for the money

When considering the best floor jacks that are affordable to the user in terms of their costs, neither the color nor the style makes the list. While there are various and plenty car jacks available in the market, these three makes the top lead:

Powerzone 380044 3-Ton Aluminum/Steel Garage Jack

This jack features to be very impressive with a recommendable design. Its hydraulic system raises heavy loans very quickly and easily. The user can be confident in this heavy-duty-lift arm, hence providing a great combination of durability and force.

Other features that this jack has include: rear wheels for its easy positioning and allowing small height adjustments.  Its dual pump also easy use, hence it is the smartest choice to start with.

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack


  • It is pocket-friendly
  • It is lightweight and made of aluminum, hence easy portability
  • It is more portable when compared to steel. It clocks at around 59lbs.
  • Lifts heavy loads easily and quickly
  • Has unique safety valve – to ensure there is no overloading


  • It wears out quickly since it is lightweight and made of aluminum
  • Can only work best in leveled lands

This device has maintained its rating among the best jacks for many times. The 3-ton aluminum floor jack features to be affordable for many users, hence its continued fame in the market.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

This device has unique features. Its thick plates and lightweight durability are recognized upon its usage. The dual pistons tend to provide fast-action and smooth hydraulic system when being used. The ball-wearing wheels and the protective saddle pads give the individual good movement and stability.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack - 3 Ton Capacity


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Price-friendly
  • Very easy to move around for the action
  • It can get under low cars easily


  • It is made of aluminum and light hence cannot be used for a long time
  • Works only best with low cars but not high and heavy ones

Being listed highly in the market, the device needs to be considered by careful users who are interested. Its use will never be regretted but rather supplementary for benefits.

Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

This is large and heavy device when compared to the counterparts within the same category. It weighs 3.5-ton capacity and constructed of steel. Hence, this feature makes it a heavy-duty car jack.

Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton Capacity


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Has an internal safety valve – ensures safer operations
  • Bypass device to prevent over-pumping
  • Rolled side frames – gives the jack endless amount of strength as well as stability and reduce twisting


  • Very heavy – cannot be easily stored
  • Can work best with heavy trucks

In cases that an automobile owner tires with aluminum jacks, then it is high time to rush from this steel device.

Best floor jacks for trucks

Different types of vehicles rhyme with different jacks. When it comes to buying the devices for trucks, it is important to consider only specific ones for the action. The best floor jacks for trucks and even SUVs are considered heavy duty, with large lifting capacity hence they are able to extend very high to overcome the large sizes of the tires of these big trucks.

Inclusive of Blackhawk B6350 Lift Service Jack, heavy duty jacks include: 

Torin T83006 3-Ton SUV Jack

This is a 3-ton service jack designed by the Torin. It is featured towards this purpose of lifting the heavy trucks. First, it has very long neck hence making it super efficient to lifting large vehicles. The extension adapter increases its functionality hence a large amount of lifting is enhanced.

Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack


  • It is made of steel hence strong
  • Its construction makes it ideal for large vehicles
  • The long neck makes it ideal for lifting heavy and large vehicles
  • Its neck is removable – flexibility


  • Not frequently movable – it is heavy
  • For longer neck than this, then it is not the best jack. Its base is not wide so it cannot pair well with some long necks

The device works best for a heavy vehicle, and hence it is only recommended for these automobiles. Its sturdy, sleek and stable design of this device makes it a great one for the trucks and the jeeps.

Hein-Werner HW93652 3 Ton Service Jack

The USA made model is impressive. With the blue and yellow designs, this highly rated device has well-increased stability because of the flagged control. It has a strong and cast-iron lift arm which is enhanced by a wide base. Interestingly, its one-piece handle contributes to the lifting process through the elimination of bending.

Hein-Werner HW93652 Blue Heavy Duty Service Jack


  • Is ever stable due to its large base
  • Very strong and durable
  • Precise control
  • Sturdy and stable wheels


  • Premium price
  • Heavy – hence not easily portable
  • Not multi-purpose but rather works best for large vehicles

When the user is busy searching for dependable and reliable heavy-duty jacks, then this is the best device and of a greater option. If not its premium price, then it could be on the top as the best of the rest.

Upon considering various floor jacks for money and for trucks, the question still remains: which is the best one for the potential customer. It would be difficult to identify exactly the best one in the market but it would be advisable to list the top five within the list.

TOP 5 floor jacks and reviews

Arcan ALJ2T 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

This makes the first choice when it comes to picking the top jack in the list. Arcan is a high-quality device which is strong but light, weighing only 49 pounds. Inclusive of the features previously discussed, this machine has a mounting handle which allows for easy carrying and reposition of the device when being used under cars. To client should recall that Arcan is anodized.

This jack is worth the consideration of everyone so there is an appropriate budget to match the price. This is a comparable 3-ton device which a great affection in the market. It is high time to go for it.

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Floor Jack

In case the user is not prepared pocket-wise to spend on the above Arcan, the Powerzone is here. It makes a great and high-quality option for the buyer. This device is almost aluminum I construction and weighs about 59 pounds.

With the characteristics discussed prior, Powerzone hangs just right with the Arcan –ton offering, in terms of its features. However, in the build quality, this device compromises the Arcan hence making its price more affordable. Exclusive of the features for the price, this jack is considered to be the best for the money. It portrays all the needed features of the best jacks but at a price which is attractive for the users who want jacks without frills.

Torin T84025 2.5 Ton Aluminum and Steel Racing Jack

Besides Arcan and Powerzone, Torin follows as the top manufacturers of jacks around. This 2.5-ton jack is certainly worth being considered and fantastic. Its biggest advantage is that it takes few pumps so as to reach the maximum height – about 7 to 8 pumps. Hence, it is perfect for working on every car when there is little time.

Torin is much regarded in the automotive society for the jack’s high quality. Hence, it should be considered at the lowest and affordable price ever!

Torin T10152 1.5 Ton Scissor Jack

This scissor jack has a minimum height and a minimum extension for consideration. Its lead screw is known for smooth actuation as the base remains firmly planted on the ground when being used. Generally, its construction is perfect and it is relatively compact.

Because of its size, this jack is portable and can be fixed within the car’s trunk should the user need to. Cost-wise, this jack goes for a fifth of what the hydraulic ones go for.

This jack takes a considerate time when lifting the car and the lead screw should be turned many revolutions before reaching the at-most height.

This jack is awesome and it proves to be the best that the client might be looking for. When the user can sacrifice some convenience to save cost, then Torin scissor jack is the best.

Powerbuilt 8 Ton Bottle Jack

This is not incorrect, it is 8 tons!

The great thing about this device is its huge lifting capacity – a lifting capacity of 7.88 inches to 15.5 inches. Hence, it is ideal for campers, trucks, and trailers.

In case the user has a vehicle that requires this jack, then this is the fantastic one. Apart from its high capacity, this device has high quality and a minimal pumping effort.

More description about Powerbuilt 8-ton – The extension screw has to be turned before the lifting of the automobile is done.

This device has no wheel hence it should be placed where it will not roll itself.


The jacks considered having high quality hence their preference in the market. Now that the potential user and buyer have gained expertise from this article, automotive lifting should be done with the appropriate jacks.

Even if any of these jacks described above have been recommended greatly, it is essential to note that there are many other good and efficient jacks out there too. Hence, the list is a continuum!