Best Cheap Air Compressor for the Money

Air compressors definitely provide opportunities to do various functions. They prove to be useful in creating powerful air thrust needed to run machines and similar appliances for various purposes, for instance cleaning garage surfaces, running the engines, and to some smaller functions, operating the guns.

Basically, it is ever expedient to consider money before making the purchase, though other factors like quality and durability must as well be given priority. This means that the potential buyer has to be all-around prior to making any purchase, putting money as the central theme.

Though cheap is never the best option, but every individua wants a good quality air compressors that is also affordable. These reviews can help you to make an informed decision which compressor to choose for the money.

Let’s explore some important points to consider when planning to purchase such machines.

First, the individual has to identify and understand the type of project he or she needs an air compressor for. In case the tool is just needed for inflating tires or mattresses, then the choice would be pretty simple. Other larger projects require a little more thought.

Second, the potential buyer and user should understand the types of tools that are available on the market. Just to mention a few, the ones on the market include portable compressors, tire, raft inflators and the large compressors for heavy duty jobs!

Thirdly, the individual has to know the tools that would be used with the compressor. This clarification would make it simple to check the specification of the tool initially.

Lastly, think about how often this tool would be used. Those individuals who frequently use the machine needs the large one but the individuals who hardly use it would only need a sizeable one for the task. In the same line, an individual has to consider the circuit which should be averagely 15amp and 120-volt circuits.

So which one is the best inexpensive air compressor?


This is a pancake air compressor. The purchaser will enjoy its six-gallon capacity which has to a maximum of 150psi tank pressure.

This means it can run for longer times. Also, its an oil-free pump and will not often require any maintenance. To add more, its compact size makes it easy to be transported, it is ideal for use in many different situations where a larger compressor just cannot fit!



  • The Air tank is large – six-gallon capacity
  • The tank pressure is perfect – 150psi hence the tank stores more air
  • It is lightweight, only 34 pounds
  • The price? It is a good value for the money
  • Absolutely convenient for home or travel use


  • It is not designed for heavy duty activities
  • Its break-in procedure might be time-consuming and hectic
  • It is noisy compared to other options

For the buyer’s information, this product is being sold as a kit. This means that in addition to is high-quality characteristic, the user will receive other things like tire chuck, blow gun with its attachments, tire gauge, nylon hose, Teflon tape and the quick coupler. It is the best one in the list to go for “money-wise” – average for the homeowner who does not need a big one. So we can say it is really a good cheap air compressor.

2. California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free

The quietest air compressor is the California air tool. This is because it has two powerful horsepower motor. Its large 11-gallon steel air tank is accompanied with wheels for easy transport when doing jobs in different sites. It is again powerful – produces between 6.40 CFM at 40psi and 5.30 CFM at 90psi, hence the use is assured of it handling any job.



  • The air tank is large – 10 gallons
  • Have wheels that are durable and makes transport easy
  • Works quietly with controlled noise
  • The pump system is oil-free
  • A powerful 2-horsepower motor


  • Heavy because of its capacity
  • Its assembling is relatively difficult
  • The design of some of this model faults

This is the most powerful air compressor to find the homeowner or any professional. When considering the air capacity, power, and features, it makes the lead. Interestingly, it is the second best product for the money – the price is very competitive to other of the similar category.

California Air Tools 5510SE

This is another California air tool which is mostly noticed by its extreme quietness as well as its size consideration. The product has 1.0 horsepower motor and the air tank is as large as 5.5 gallons and it is steel, operating at 1682rpm.
The air pressure is maximum at 120 psi hence making it good for the small and the medium size jobs. Fortunately, this product takes at least two minutes to fill the tank to its full capacity, with the user enjoying the two pressure control gauges for ensuring a perfect amount of pressure is reached.



  • Extra quiet
  • Price is reasonable
  • Good one for the inside jobs where noise is never required
  • Lightweight – weighs 46 pounds, and easy to transport


  • Its packaging is never the best
  • It is not suitable for the large duties
  • Some of the product’s design features prove undesirable

For intended use and purpose, this air compressor will beat many others in the category. Though quiet when at work. This will never mean that it cannot and will not produce enough power to do the job.
In case the potential is looking for a tool that will do the job around the house, then this is the perfect one and the best fit. It is acknowledged for its reasonable price tag.

Dewalt D55146

Movement from one job to another with this air compressor becomes a breeze. It is appreciated because of its non-flat foam wheels for easy transportation. The tank storage pressure is as high as 200 psi with a greater functionality. The air tank capacity is 4.5 gallons, hence the users who come for DE Walt product meet their needs simply. Its convenience in terms of the oil-free pump which is freely maintained is great.



  • The air pressure is maximum – 200 psi
  • Easy transportation due to good wheels
  • For compact storage, it has a vertical stand and collapsible handle
  • Never runs out of pressure


  • Slightly heavy – 80 pounds
  • Noisy more so for the residential or home use
  • The tank pressure gauge might not be of high quality
  • The drain might cause condensation to build up

For someone who regularly uses an air pressure, then Dewalt product is a good one for him. This company is reputable for its brands to be long lasting. The price is right and relative to its features.

Makita MAC700

Makita is known for its less noise, high output, and other better overall performance. It has a strong 2-horsepower motor, operating to longer jobs.
Its good operation is also enhanced by its oil-lubricated pump, causing the long service run. The 2.6-gallon tank though seems small but sustains an air pressure of 130 psi.

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0


  • Lightweight
  • Strong horsepower motor
  • Sustained psi air pressure
  • Efficient and increased lifespan because of oil-lube design


  • A little noise when used indoors
  • Small tank
  • Not easy to move around with
  • Only for small and medium jobs

It is fortunate for any DIYer who would want an air compressor to keep in the garage and this is the best. The contractor sometimes might not find it sustainable, but to any homeowner, it is the best, money-wise and quality-wise.

So in our opinion Makita MAC700 is the best budget air compressor.


Having considered various air compressors for the money, the potential buyer has a good list to choose from.
It just means that these products discussed make the first best ones in the market. However, there are other brands that prove to be of quality and durability as well. Therefore the user has to explore if not satisfied by the list given. The main focus is just to direct the buyer to get the best air compressor at an affordable price, considering also various underlying factors. The choice made for the right tool will be transpired in the working standards!