Best Car Ramps for Your Garage & TOP 6 Reviews

For an avid mechanic, most of the obvious car projects need car lifting off the ground.

It is important to reach the components underneath and the user has to create space for this operation. Car ramps are the go-to tools when lifting cars to a height which allows a comfortable work environment.

Many at home mechanics uses to use jacks to get the car up off the ground, but the reality is, jacks are unreliable and dangerous!  Car ramps have been deemed essential in  any garage.

To any person who has ever replaced a transmission filter, changed a coolant or even swapped the car starter can tell you that lifting cars with jacks is very cumbersome and dangerous.  Fortunately, the trusty car ramps prove faster and can be used for various under the chasis repairs in automobiles.

Most of these devices are made of high strength plastic, and some few ones of metal can be found. When compared to floor jacks, the ramps come with myriads of advantages that will entice any potential user towards acquiring one for their car.

car concept

The greatest advantage of using these devices is their convenience.

It would take less time to drive the car on the set of ramps. Also, because the ramps do not have wheels, it means that there will be no need of any jack stands which is an added precaution when using the floor jacks. Hence, the cost would be subsidized and the customer will have something to smile about and breathe a sigh of relief!

However, the greatest disadvantage of using these ramps is that the wheel of the car must and should always make a contact with the ramp. Hence, this basically means that the wheels must always remain on the car; hence, the tires cannot be rotated and other wheel work cannot be accomplished using ramps.

Another downside to using ramps instead of floor jacks is that the height is not adjustable, you just get what you get as far as the height is concened.

Considerations for safety

Even a rocket scientist can understand it that when lifting 4000 pounds of metal and plastic in the air and then it is climbed, there must be safety concerns associated.

The most obvious concern is that the car would automatically fall. Fortunately, if some basic safety protocols are considered, then there is no worry about any befalling issues.

What are the safety considerations?

The car should be fully seated on the ramp’s flat part

When the driver is concerned with driving the car over this device, he or she should make sure to position the car at the top of the flat spot. This means that the automobile should not be left on the ramp’s slope – it would automatically be less stable and the car can even roll backward.

The car should be positioned in the center of the device

Wheels should not be left to hang off at all – the wheels should not hang to any direction as well. Any wheel that hangs off the device can slowly and potentially push the ramp to slide under the car. In the same converse consideration where the ramps are firmly positioned, the forces will push the car sideways hence it can slip off.

It is imperative to always chock at least one of the wheels, more so the one that is still having a contact with the ground. Only one wheel should be considered but not two – for mechanical security measures!

What to consider when buying ramps

There are few considerations that must be made when purchasing any ramp set. First, there should be worries about the ground clearance of the car. It is obvious that most ramps will tend to work on many cars, but lower cars like the sports cars will need ramps that are a long and low profile.

The other thing to consider is the weight of the car. This can be found in the owner’s manuals. This will help the user to know the ramps for Chevrolet and the ones for Mazda Miata. Hence, it will give an added safety margin.

After considering a nice introductory information concerning ramps, the question still remains: Which are the best car ramps?

Here is the preview of various car ramps that are best valued and preferred in the market, based on various characteristics:

RhinoGear 11912 RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramps

RhinoGear 11912 RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramps

The RhinoGear is the first giant in the list. In case the user is looking for reasonably priced ramps, then this is one of them.

Sophisticatedly, the device is build using a polymer design with some tracks to help it accommodate tires worth 9 inches. Interestingly, they still weigh around 19 pounds. It is designed with lower profile automobiles in mind. It is also made with non-slip materials to reduce the risks of automobiles slipping.

Again, this device is built for easy storage with its stand protruding less than 12 inches.


  • This device is a low profile– caters for many automobiles
  • It has an incredible strength
  • Does not bend at all
  • It is nicely engineered


  • The device is hollow
  • It is only specifically – for low profile cars

The mechanic can have much confidence even when spending time underneath the car. Over the unparalleled support, it can hold up to vehicles of 20 pounds weight. Hence, this is the best ramp to acquire.

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp

Made from the same company as RhinoGear 11909, this ramp provides a reliable and convenient access to the car’s underneath. It contains a patented polymer support which is situated internally.

It can be of beneficial use to the individuals with light-duty trucks. Also, this device uses the non-slip technology hence reduces the probability of slipping.


  • It is slip resistant
  • It has a strong and durable design
  • Has a weight distribution which is incredible


  • Can prove to be unreliable to the vehicle over 13000 lb.

For its extreme durability, this device is considered to be made of solid core materials hence making them incredibly strong. However, their weight is just 20 pound. Hence, they are very much portable for the garages.

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set – 2 Piece

Scepter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Set - 2 Piece

This race ramp is made of two plastic ramps. It is well designed to elevate vehicles up to a height of 6.5 inches. The device provides a lightweight solution which is sturdy to get underneath the car for operations.


  • It is made of lightweight plastic material
  • Can be used in all-weather regions
  • An affordable cost


  • Cannot support vehicles of greater heights
  • Can prove disappointing if used with automobiles over 12000 lb.

Additionally, the ramp is generally wide hence it ensures an evenly distributed plate for the car. Hence, a secure movement is provided. Considering its effective non-slide materials, the device keeps the automobile from sliding even when it is wet.

Race Ramps RR-56 56″

Race Ramps RR-56

This is one of the durable ramps, hence enhances a greater capacity to handle some massive car weights. For the case of doing the oil changes or another basic undercarriage repair in light trucks, then this is the best can lift vehicles up to 8 inches from the ground. It weighs around 10 pounds.


  • Lightweight
  • Has an anti-slide surface
  • Can be essential to low profile automobiles
  • Resistant to the automotive chemicals


  • They prove suitable only for the light weight cars

Despite its lightweight property, this ramp can be used effectively in handling light cars against any flat ground, for instance, sand, grass, and even dirt. They are as well designed with the mind of accommodating tires of any width, inclusive of the truck tires.

Race Ramps RR-56-2 56″ Race Ramp – 2 Piece

Race Ramps RR-56-2 Race Ramp - 2 Piece

This is a unique ramp, specifically designed for handling the vehicles with low clearance and wide tires. It is solid-core made, hence very durable. It provides lift the weight of 10 inches – this is the ideal height for low clearance vehicles. Its materials design prevents any vehicle from sliding, scooting and slipping and even leaving any scratch mark on the floors.


  • Has a complete solid design
  • Its surface is non-skid and non-slip
  • Accompanied with straps – for easy storage


  • Not recommended for cars having speed tires
  • Not suitable to be used when the automobile has mud on the tires

Additionally, the user is allowed to remove the bottom portion for the easy side access. This means that this ramp is less bothersome and can be recommended for many people.

Race Ramps RR-WC-12 12″ Wheel Crib

Race Ramps RR-WC-12 Wheel Crib

To the low vehicle owners, there are no worries if this ramp is available. The ramp is also available in various custom sizes, for instance, the adjustable 12 inches, 10 and 8 inches.

In its features, the device is hard and no scratches would be left by the car on its floors. The cramp is capable of holding of small and big diameters.


  • Durable
  • Easy to store and even to handle
  • Gives a good room for underneath working
  • Can be used on diverse grounds


  • Cannot be used for high profile vehicles
  • Cannot be stored by some cars like the Chevrolet

This ramp weighs 13 pounds but it is lightweight enough even for an individual to carry and maneuver around with it. With its grounded properties and its design, it can be recommended for any user with the specified car characteristics.


When choosing a car ramp, an individual should not lose the mind of the type of vehicle the ramp will be used on. Also, the user needs to go for high quality and the right purpose for the device. In some cases, the width of the tires is a concern and the angle of the lifting as well.

Therefore, upon considering the above, it would be easy to choose a ramp which is cost effective, made with high-quality materials, strong and lightweight. It is high time for the potential customer to choose among the top car ramps and go for the best one, considering the discussed characteristics.