Air Tools vs. Electric Tools – Which One is better?

Deciding whether you want to invest in air tools of electric tools can be quite the conudrum. Both types of tools have thier advantages and disadvantages and it really comes down to what you prefer. Learning more about each type of tool can help you to decide whether or not you are a total electric tool type of person or if you are an air tools type of person.

For most people it is a combination of air tools and electric tools that work for them. Each option can provide you with the benefits that you hope to get. Reviewing the differences can help you to make an informed decision!

  • Which one should they go for?
  • Electric or air-powered tools?

Power tool

Air tools

People tend to have varied tastes concerning the powered tools which they use. Considering the air tools, they are less expensive as compared to the electric counterparts, hence their use tends to be increasing.

Many individuals are only able to afford these tools and actually, it has been an expedient reason for an individual to go for what is affordable – only advised if the affordable ‘thing’ is also efficient and purpose-serving to its intended role.

Again, the air tools are proven to be more compact and lighter than the electric sisters.

Can lightweight be an advantageous possibility in this comparison?

Actually, the air powered tools being lightweight is considered to be beneficial when it comes to wood finishing and some tasks that involve hand tools.

Hence the size of the air tools enhances their purchase and preference in the market. This is actually a partial reasoning from various people even though some congregation still have a diverse idea as it will be explored in this article.

The air tools have more torque for given and various sizes as compared to the electric tools. Actually, the air tools tend to be much flexible when being used, for instance, a flexible rotation, a flexible replacement of various parts and a flexible use in all conditions.

Much complications and sophistication are never required when applying and using this tools.

What of malfunction of the air tools?

Absolutely, the air tools are less costly – not in the line of purchase in the market again, but when it comes to maintenance.

To the individual who have used these tools, they can attest that there are reduced and minimized chances of malfunction as compared to the electric counterparts. The air tools are surely less prone and less susceptible to dust ingress and another physical mechanism that might lead to their malfunction.

More information on air powered tools

From the mechanical understanding, the air powered tools are ever powered by the compressed air which is supplied by an air compressor. Even through the air tools are smaller than the electric one, they pack the same amount of punch, and hence they can also release more torque and RPM, enabling a faster, easier and speedy finishing off any job.

Do this prove that these tools are better than the electric tools?

Let us see.

Electric tools

By another contrast to the air powered tools, electric tools are less complicated and much less complicated than the sister tools.

It is ever simple to use these tools – what an individual needs to do is to plug its end to any nearby outlet and the work is done. There is no need to wait for a compressor to fill the tools up with air so as to function.

Some people tend to prefer the electric tools to the air powered one because of these reasons:

  1. The tools are all superior – since in the modern welfare power is the key, the electric tools prove to be superior in technology. Once the electric energy is converted to kinetic energy, the electric stuff will be ready to start off. The torque is higher than the one for air tools in some occasions.
  2. Value and convenience – the value of the electric tools is better, based on the place of work. For instance, the cases of faster work, the electric tools can prove to be essential. in terms of convenience, these tools can be used anywhere so long as there is power or electricity source.
  3. Dependency – when an individual needs a tool to depend on more so for automatic working, then the best one to go for is the electric ones. Though their cost is ever uneasy to the financially challenged fellows, these tools will provide rarely unsupervised jobs which are done superbly.

Many chainsaws

Do both the tools have limiting factors?

Air tools and disadvantages

The greatest downsides of the air-powered tools include:

  • Though the air tools might be cheap, the air compressors are never cheap. Even when it comes to finding the second-hand air compressors, which is never recommended, is difficult and still costly.
  • Second, the air compressors are also heavy and noisy. The quietest ones which are known produce around 60 decibels of noise still. The compressors weigh more than 10 pounds, hence they will be complicated to move around with.
  • Third, the maintenance of the air compressors is ever hectic. The maintenance schedule is advised to be strictly followed, which when forgotten, then its days of activation start to diminish from the indicated and expected duration.
  • Lastly, the hoses are ever expensive as well. The cheap one in the market will always bring trouble, for instance, they leak and never promising to work effectively. So when the user still contemplates purchasing an air-powered tool, then he or she should be sure towards getting a good and quality air hose.

Electric tools and disadvantages

Electric tools also have downsides:

  • The tools are typically and absolutely expensive in the market as compared to the pneumatic versions which are the air-powered one.
  • As the name suggest, electric tools will ever require electricity.
  • Just like the air tools’ hoses, the electric ones use the cords. The cords are generally not replaceable and hence the user has to be careful. In case the cord is cut mistakenly, the tool could be ruined.
  • The battery powered tools and the electric ones are ever single-use. This means that one cord for one tool – no sharing as the air tools hoses.

So which one is better?

To professionals, a combination of electric and pneumatic tools is ever good. This is because of the difference activities and requirements which would incorporate all the tools.

In case an individual is looking for drills for a garage use, then electric ones can be fine for the job.

However, when it comes to tools that are interchangeable to say, then the air tools can work it better. Hence though the two categories of tools are diverse, the still have important purposes to play all the same.